Industrial Narration Voice Over

The voice of Vita Reid will bring the words you need narrated to life, to captivate your listeners attracting them to your services. If you need a professional female narrator who specializes in audio narration services, this is the right place for you. Voice over work is fun and exciting; Vita Reid will work together with you for your precise recording needs. Let her help give your presentation strength and enthusiasm, which will attract more potential clients to your product or service!

Vita Reid will provide narration voice over for all types of narration needs. Here are just a few of the narration needs to consider:

  • E-Learning
  • Tutorials
  • Training
  • Audio Book narrations
  • Character voice over for gaming
  • Animation
  • Role-playing
  • Film narrations
  • Instructional Videos
  • Website Introductory Videos
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Documentary Films
  • Flash or PowerPoint presentations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Pre-recorded convention announcements
  • & Anything else you may need an audio narrator for…