Commercial Voice Over

Vita Reid is a voice over actor with the artistic flair that will bring your script to life. She will animate your message by communicating it with enthusiasm, confidence, and integrity. If you are looking for an accomplished professional, Vita Reid will deliver by using her voice to convey your message clearly, concisely and of course quickly. No matter what you need a voice over for Vita Reid is able to effectively capture your audience to convey your message:

  • On your website
    • Listing product information online
  • In Commercials
    • On the radio
    • On television
  • On hold on the phone
  • In the elevator
  • Listening to an audio book
  • Learning a course online
  • For an audio tour
    • Walking a museum
    • At an attraction park
    • Visiting a hospital or medical center
  • & So much more…

Let her voice be the one you choose to hear, and make your message memorable.