Vita Reid is a voice over specialist; she can provide her voice over services to help you standardize your brand image! Whether you need help for a personal project, you are on a team that needs voice over done for projects, or you own a small or large business no task is too big or too small. As you may know anytime you watch television whether you skip a commercial stop on a cartoon you are hearing voice over actors. In the car, on the radio, in all kinds of ads, you are listening to what is called a voice over artist. A voice over actor or actress is someone who is never seen but only heard. Recognized by their voice and able to convey the message you need delivered. Vita Reid specializes in the art of voice over. She does the following voice over specialties:

  • Commercial voice over
  • Industrial Narration voice over
  • On-Hold Phone voice over


If you need a voice over recording done, choose Vita Reid because she will work with you to get you the precisely what you are looking for.